Language Arts
What is the difference between Reading class and Language Arts? Reading teaches you the critical comprehension strategies you need to tackle increasingly complex and challenging reading tasks. Language Arts teaches you ways to improve and refine your written communication skills and how to use writing to analyze and critique what you read.
How am I graded? I base your grade on the work you do and the thinking you demonstrate. I use a scoring rubric to measure your mastery of the skills you are learning. Your grade is based on the points you earn.
Do you accept late work? I expect work to be turned in on the day it is due. However, sometimes life happens.  I'll address that on an individual basis.
Will you take points off for late work? No, but then again, I don't expect you to turn work in late. smile
What if I'm absent? Unless you are absent for an extended period of time, you know when work is due, and your responsibility for completing it doesn't change. If you're absent on the day an assignment is due, the work needs to come in when you do.
What if I miss class, how will I know what we did? Fortunately, there are a number of ways to find out what we are doing in class while you are out. You can check homework online, contact a friend who is on our team,  you can even send me an email. Since you have access to so many resources, I do expect you to use them.
Do you give a lot of homework?  Generally no, but when I do assign homework, it is because it is essential to what you are learning. I expect that you do it.  
Do you give extra credit? Some assignments have an opportunity to earn extra credit built right in, but I don't give extra assignments to help you bring up your grade.  If you make a mistake, see me, we can discuss solutions.
When do you stay after? My help hours are listed at the bottom of this page and on my homepage. If staying on this day is difficult for you, please see me and we can arrange to meet at another time.
Does this count? (A question sometimes asked in class) While not everything you do will be graded, everything we do influences the grade you earn, so yes, everything counts.
What's my grade? Fortunately, you don't have to ask this question anymore! You can use PowerSchool to check your average, or if you don't have access to the Internet, I can give you a paper grade sheet to track your grades.

Extra help offered on Thursdays 2:35-3:20

Homework online: http://nmsteamhomework.wikispaces.com/82

Getting a good grade in this class is easy if you are willing to commit yourself to learning and taking risks in order to push yourself as far as you can go. My goal is to give you all the tools and assistance you need to be successful. Where you take that is up to you.

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