Some internet resources for MS Math teachers

Illustrative Mathematics - Math tasks ordered by Grade, Domain & CC Standard


Coherence Map - Similar to Illustrative Mathematics with some different tasks


Collections of free lessons submitted by teachers from all over

Specialized search engine for finding specific math topic problems & activities

More free math tasks, problems of the week & lessons


Collections of three-act math tasks


A way to start a three-act math task


National library of virtual manipulatives (java applets, etc., along with associated math activities)


A collection of number talks developed for middle school


Estimation activities


Which one doesn’t belong - give a reason why each does not belong


Jo Boaler’s site tying math learning to Growth Mindset - includes some math activities


A growth mindset activity

Many visual patterns...can be used as a building block for investigating functions


The scale of the universe...a great way to look at scientific notation and connect to science topics


Quick number line creator


My Favorite No - Warm Up Activity - video


Highlighting mistakes - tip for grading assessments - video


Short Pythagorean Theorem Videos

Dan Meyer - Math class needs a makeover - TED talk


Five Principles Extraordinary Math Teaching - TED talk


Why do Americans Stink at Math? - article

FasttMath Educator Access

Fraction Nation Educator Access